Melting Moments (Viennese Whirls)

I’m a tad late in posting this, but a fortnight ago for my weekly bake I made ‘Melting Moments’. I was requested to make this by my brother, from the series 2 Great British Bake Off cookbook. They were unlike anything I’d ever cooked before and required me to buy a piping set.

Although I struggled with the piping because the mix was so thick, the end result was decent. The buttercream is known as ‘depression era’ because it’s an alternative recipe that originated in the Great Depression, and the result was surprisingly good. The only problem was that it was a tad on the runny side when I piped it, causing it to run a little – if I’d had time I would have chilled it first.

The recipe, in great detail, can be found here:

On trying one I discovered exactly why they are called ‘Melting Moments’ – they really do feel like they’re melting in your mouth when you bite into it, and the mix of soft sponge, buttercream and jam tastes perfect. Difficult to eat just one!

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